Sangha Calendar

View our calendar at bottom of this page for updates on schedule for meditation meetings.

We make an effort to meet every Wednesday at 6:45p.m. in San Juan at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Hidalgo County Bldg. in the Sager Annex, 1401 S. Nebraska Avenue. Before you come to the meditation meeting, make sure you visit our calendar at bottom to verify time and date of our next meditation practice meeting. Our meetings are not regular so it is prudent to check our calendar to verify if any meeting has been set.

Our Community

We are not a temple, but we are a community of Buddhists and non-Buddhists of different backgrounds that have come together to practice Buddhist meditation.

Our practice at our meditation meeting is respectful of our different meditational traditions in Buddhism. It is a practice open to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike and to use this space to reap the benefits from it. It is also a space to talk about our interests and experiences.

Right now our meetings follow this method:

1. Welcome and Introductions.

2. Sitting meditation done in two halves. Fifteen minutes each.

3. Walking meditation lasting approximately 10 minutes.

4. Social/Discussion

If you are new to meditation practice or relatively so, you do not have to strictly follow the program. You can come in and sit for as long as you are comfortable, then rise quietly and stretch. Based on their personal experiences, members of the group will try to answer questions you have about meditation. However, no one in the group is a designated instructor.

If this is your first time, call or email us and please come 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Please turn off all cell phones or put them on mute. If you arrive late, please enter quietly as possible and find the nearest area for you to sit.If you bring guest, please let them know to be mindful of our practice space.

Please dress comfortably, but appropriately. There is no strict dress code, but the main rule is to dress comfortably so that when you sit in your meditation posture the clothing does not hinder you physically.

We hope you are able to join us.


Where to Locate Flor de Nopal Sangha Meditation Practice Meetings:

The Three Jewels

I go to the Buddha for refuge.
I go to the Dhamma for refuge.
I go to the Sangha for refuge.

Buddhism - 101

For a concise overview on the Four Noble Truths, The Eight Noble Path, The Five Precepts, and other Buddhist concepts, click here.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"A Guide to Buddhism A to Z"

About Us - A Guide to Buddhism A to Z

A good and concise internet based dictionary/encyclopedia on Buddhism.

As the publisher states: "The purpose of this website is to offer concise and authentic information on Buddhist doctrine, the Buddhist perspective on various contemporary issues and subjects pertaining to Buddhism. Included are hundreds of authentic quotations from the sacred scriptures, each with references from the Pali Tipitaka, the oldest record of the Buddha’s teachings, and information about life in India during the Buddha’s time."

Monday, November 30, 2009

Approaching Zazen (seated meditation)

This is a good introductory video to meditation techniques in Buddhism.

Please take in mind that different Buddhist traditions may approach meditation in different manners or techniques. Also, the seating positions presented in the video are suggestions on some postures that may be used during meditation. Google for "zazen" and you will find more detailed information. The seating postures are for meditation and not about physical endurance. Nevertheless, this video is a good starter.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Meditation and Books

Our group often get asked by new members about how to meditate. I have posted some videos previously here that give you some idea. Nevertheless, new meditators want something more concrete. A book that explains it all. Unfortunately, there is not one book. There is no "bible" of mediation. Buddhist meditation has different traditions with their own approaches. Also, meditation is a practice. You can read about it. Learn from a book. But, in the end, you have to practice. Yet. There is hope. There are some good books that give the beginner a good idea about the ABC's of meditation.

One book I highly recomment is "Zen Meditation in Plain English" by John Daishin Buksbazen. Short. To the point. Free of jargon. It's from a Zen Buddhist perspective.

Another good source is "Mindfulness In Plain English" by Ven. Bhante Henepola Gunaratana from the Theravada tradition. You can read a free version by clicking on this link.

It's a big longer than the first book mentioned, but a very good source of what is Vipassana meditation practice.

No matter what book you choose. No matter what Buddhist tradition feels best for you. In the end, quoting Dongen Zenji, "Be mindful of the passing of time, and engage yourself in zazen as though you are saving your head from fire."

Buddhist Video of the Week